When you start on a new path – some people question you, some people judge you and some people may wonder what you’re doing and what your intention is. Some support you and some encourage you. The point is, it’s the same journey you’re on but 10 different people may see it differently. It’s important that your foundation is strong and your intent is clear. When it is, people start to take notice, your passion mixes with the passion of others and your great POWER. In the end when your fears meet your dreams, the only person that there is left staring back at you in the mirror, is yourself.

When I received this testimonial from a Doctor in relation to the work we are doing at the PH7 Wellbeing Centre it touched me and made me stop and realise how far we had come.

I was put in touch with Paul at PH7 by a mutual friend and colleague in mental health after expressing an interest in suggesting what I felt was needed in local NHS services in this area to fill the needs of local patients. Often a multifaceted intervention is required to tackle problems which if left without treatment can become chronic, life-threatening and distressing problems which exert a cost in the local health economy but more importantly in people’s lives. 

Paul is an inspirational leader who, by finding a way through his own challenges, has developed an intervention that involves both the conventional and the complementary therapies in a focused and intensive intervention which can be delivered in a more timely manner than current services locally. His initial results are nothing short of impressive and I hope that a way can be found to finance the scaling up of his intervention to be able to offer it across East Lancashire. This will surely improve on what is currently available and hopefully be able to reduce the cost both to the NHS and to people’s lives that mental health problems can demand.

Doctor F Ashworth


Paul Howarth