They say new year, new you, right? We find a new year is always inspiring and feels like the perfect time to reset, refresh and take the time to refocus on your personal goals.

Our 7 jigsaw pieces of life is a great place to start. Remembering these 7 intentions and implementing them daily can give you a clear focus and a clearer mind.


  • Build a Strong Foundation – A tree has its roots, whereas a house has its footings. You can’t see them but without them, they wouldn’t last the bad weather. Building your own foundation is the structure and framework on which your dreams and aspirations are made. Foundations can be integrity, honesty, compassion and a belief in a power greater than self. They can also be greed, power, control and fear. Working on this daily provides the power to live a happy and meaningful life.


  • Have a Clear Intent – By challenging your own intent you create self-awareness and consciousness. Questions such as ‘What am I doing this for?’ ‘Why is this right for me?’ are great questions to stress test your motives. If they are clear and backed by a strong foundation they will come to fruition.


  • Learn to Say No! – Setting boundaries about what you will take on and what you won’t are essential to our human growth. Finding a balance of others demands and our needs is essential for sustained wholeness. Learning to say ‘no’ to your body is also equally important. When you’re tired – rest, when you feel hurt or angry then express it – our past experiences and childhoods can keep us subconsciously locked in our minds and bodies. Saying ‘No’ sets healthy boundaries and creates power within.


  • Be Vulnerable – This is easier said than done when we live in a society of judgement. Our subconscious mind can perceive this as fear and weakness. Being vulnerable creates a true connection of intimacy which is our original starting point of connection from birth. Finding a way back to intimacy through vulnerability ignites the motivation and spirit in us that we were born with.


  • Everyday Remain Teachable – To understand they we are constantly changing in our environment and that we are constantly at the birth of new things happening is where life is at. If we can look for the lesson in everything and remain teachable with an open mind we have access to a life of new exciting daily opportunities.


  • Make Failure Part of You Journey – To go through life without failing would make us robots and not human. Failing is part of life. The fear of failure can hold us back from achieving what we really want to achieve. Embrace failure, take calculated risks and understand that in failure our greatest victories can be achieved.


  • Daily Agreements – Make a contract with yourself daily to live without judgement, have compassion and express gratitude. These are the tools that bring down the walls of judgment in our minds. When the walls come down the light comes in. LIVE IN THE LIGHT.