Introducing PH7

PH7 has grown over the years through passion, learning and experience. We offer support to individuals in a variety of ways to support, manage and evolve all aspects of mental health and financial planning.

PH7 Wellbeing

With fully qualified and experienced counselling practitioners, the centre’s aim is to lift the level of care and support throughout Burnley and Lancashire by helping people make a difference in their lives and raise awareness for future generations. We offer a wide variety of counselling, training and unique programs.

PH7 Wealth Management

Working with both corporate and individual clients, PH7 pride themselves on their high quality, personal service offering advice on financial matters, including Retirement Planning and Investments, whilst recommending suitable financial products from the whole of the market. Our intention is to always give compassionate and empathetic advice.

PH7 Life

PH7 Life is a mental health charity dedicated not just to talk about mental health and raising awareness but to actively changing it. We offer mental health first aid training, free courses for depression and anxiety, free group services, and a home for all the people who felt they never really had one.

PH7 Mortgages

Whether it’s buying a first home, reviewing the situation following a relationship breakdown, looking to restructure debt, make home improvements, or generally making sure the current mortgage is as competitive and cost-effective as possible, PH7 Mortgages is here to help.

PH7 Insurance

Headed up by Duncan Bennett, with over 10 years experience in finance and insurance, at PH7 Insurance we go out of our way to work with our clients in a way that they find useful and that fits in with their life. A proactive broker like ourselves will make sure you don’t need to worry about the unforeseen events that can occur.  

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