Am I Enough? Why Do I Feel Lost?

Do you ask yourself am I enough? The western world has many great success stories and achievements but isn’t it true that the majority of us arrive at adulthood completely unconscious of the fact that we value ourselves based on what other people think of us.

We are all addicted to the notion that our existence is defined by the opinion of others.

Am I smart enough, am I good looking enough, am I clever enough…am I enough?

This creates a society of pathology, a way of thinking and being. This state, this mindset, can be the cause of a loss of connection within ourselves to others and to the environment we live in. Feelings of loss, depression and stomach-churning anxiety are all a result of a loss of connection to self. A rupture of our true nature which is to connect. As human beings, we instinctively need to connect inside, with others and with source – our energy, our universe.

Is there a way to reconnect?

The Journey To Realisation & Reconnection

What we realise at the Wellbeing Centre is that there are a number of different ways to reconnect.

You can reignite the human spirit, rebuild the connections we have everything it takes in abundance once found within. Methods we use are:

  • Psychotherapy or Counselling – Talking and exploring your feelings in a calm, safe confidential space can uncover thoughts and feelings body and mind have pushed to one side in an attempt to protect ourselves.
  • Massage – Our rooms have all been designed to create a serene sensory experience. In this spiritual space you can completely relax as your tense muscles are soothed and smoothed
  • Reiki – Let waves of gentle energy nurture your body, mind and spirit. Clear away negativity and emotional blockages. Allow vibrational energies heal and revitalise you whilst stimulating your chakras.
  • Yoga – The ageless, powerful way to balance mind, body and soul whilst tuning in to source energy.
  • Diet – Good nutrition is a must for optimal health and well being.

Move Past The Opinions

If you broke a bone in your leg your body would tell you that you were hurt so that you would seek help.

In addition, you would probably be surrounded by sympathy and love. But a broken spirit, a ruptured mind is perceived as weakness, it might provoke derision. Mentally, it is recognised as a threat and so you may push negative thoughts aside refusing to acknowledge them. Others may judge you, you might tell yourself.

People may think you are weak.

People may think…you are not enough.

And so an inner war begins, pretending all is well when you face the world and endless negative thoughts when alone. It’s time to move past the opinions and start sending yourself a new set of thoughts on who you really are.

Walk Tall In Your Truth

The PH7 Wellbeing Centre brings therapy and holistic treatments together under one big beautiful roof.

Our environment is a sanctuary of integrity, respect and always, our intent is to heal and restore balance. We have watched it change lives and help people grow.

We are here for people in an inner world of desperation, for those who feel there is no way out of their current state of being. There is support for those who feel stuck in life and without direction.

We are also here for those who live the message and know it strengthens their balance to commit to regular well-being practices. These people have already discovered that the secret to sustained happiness and health is renewal and a commitment to self-care.

Finally, know this… it’s all within.

The perfect part is that all the answers you seek are inside you, the kingdom was there all along.

Paul Howarth is the Owner and Founder of the PH7 Wellbeing Centre.