Blue Monday is the name given to the third Monday in January, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. People are often struggling with low motivation levels and dealing with post-Christmas credit card bills, whilst struggling to return to the workplace.  


At PH7 we believe any day can be a challenge for someone living with mental health problems, not just #BlueMonday  

The concept of Blue Monday isn’t backed by any scientific research and was a PR stunt by a holiday company to push their summer holidays in January. It can sometimes trivialise the condition for anyone living with it. Anxious or depressive thoughts and feelings aren’t just dictated by a date. As anyone suffering from mental health conditions knows, it can occur at any time.  

What can you do?  

  • Make time for a work colleague that you’ve not spoken to in a while
  • Hold creative brain-storming sessions in the office and get everyone involved in projects
  • Make time to chat over the water cooler and let colleagues know you’re there for them
  • Operate an open-door policy where possible
  • Arrange some mental health awareness training for 2020 and let your staff know you’re fully invested in them.

Get Moving  

Encourage colleagues to find an exercise programme to overcome the barriers to exercise. Exercise can be effective to help combat depression and mental health conditions and with the right incentives, you’ll find more and more staff will get on board.  

Get Creative   

Research suggests that arts and creative therapies may help with mental health problems, as creative activities are particularly therapeutic and can help colleagues switch off from day-to-day pressures. Help your colleagues turn negative thoughts into feelings of positivity and reduce the number of staff sick days.  

Change your Environment   

Swap desks around in the office, change the seating arrangements and let staff members view the office from a different perspective. If you’ve been meaning to change the décor and didn’t round to it in 2019, now is the time to change-up the workspace!

This year, the Samaritans is hoping to reclaim the day, by turning ‘Blue Monday’ into ‘Brew Monday’, and will offer a cuppa and a chat at various places across the UK.  Could you spare some time for a cup of tea with your colleague?

Look after your employee’s mental wellbeing this January and for the year ahead. When you take active steps to look after your employees, they are happier, healthier and work harder to produce better results. PH7’s EAP programme can offer your employees the support they need, whatever the issue, 24/7.   

With the PH7 EAP plan, your employees will have access to 24/7 mental health support line, face-to-face counseling sessions and full digital support with the online health e-hub app.

We can help you to boost your productivity levels and reduce mental health-related sickness in your workplace. Here’s to a full and happy team returning to work in 2020!!


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