Can Reiki benefit the workplace? Is there a need for more holistic treatments for those working too hard and stretching themselves too thin? After booking ourselves in for a Reiki treatment with Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master Andrea Jackson, we may have come to a definitive conclusion…

Last week was a busy week, although client meetings, psychotherapy sessions at our Burnley Wellbeing Centre, and talking with new businesses are the most enjoyable part of the work I do, it does inevitably take a certain amount of energy.

By the time Wednesday had come I had already done a week’s work. One thing has changed in that I recognise when my body now tells me when I need to rest, the hardest part is listening to it. So much to do, so many exciting projects happening and a demand for my time is increasing. Dare I say even I recognise there are still parts of me that feed on the recognition from doing good work and performing well.

The Reiki Treatment.

On Friday afternoon I decided to ‘down tools’ and book a Reiki session with Andrea Jackson who is our most experienced Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master at the Wellbeing Centre. After laying on the couch for 5 minutes I was out of it, snoring and twitching, but strangely still knew I was present in the room.

I understand Reiki at a very basic level in that universal energy is channelled through the healer into the client, and the energy is distributed by the body to areas where it is most needed. It can sound ‘a little ‘mad’ but when I start to think of such energy as gravity, and the fact you can’t see it, but you know and understand its power, it starts to make some sense. As I am due to be a Dad again I have also been aware of some research that the number of births increases when there is a full moon. When I think about it – it’s actually quite ‘mad’ to think that there isn’t any unseen power that holds everything in place and creates a system that provides ongoing growth.

What happened after?

I felt groggy after the session for around two hours and that night I had a deep, thoughtless sleep. The next day I felt great, and by the time Monday morning came around I was more than ready to go again.

I’m not stating that Reiki is the answer to all of our stress and worries, however, it does teach me that talking just one hour out of my week for self-care has a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.

I wonder what impact this would have on staff in the workplace?