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4-week Course

Why Rebalance, Revive & Thrive?

Learn more about our 4-week course for helping those with depression, stress and anxiety.


Deal with depression and anxiety now

Combining accredited counselling and psychotherapy with holistic treatments, meditation and health workshops, the PH7 4-week course aims to intervene and change a life at the earliest possible stage.

Our course is for people who may be struggling at work, absent from work, have had long-term depression or anxiety and/or feel stuck and lost and want a new way of thinking. Our intent is that depression is dealt with at the earliest stage rather than when it’s too late.

We have structured and improved the Rebalance, Revive & Thrive 4-week course with community and participant feedback, offering an under-one-roof solution for mental health care aiming to end depression. You won’t find anything similar in Lancashire.


We enable people to fulfil their potential by offering them space to breathe, talk, grow and change for the better. Participants find a deeper understanding of their mind, how to manage emotions and find the motivation required for change.

After the 4 weeks with us, currently, 100% of anxiety and 88% of those suffering from depression are now in recovery! To put this into perspective, the standard NHS 6 session CBT course currently has a 25% recovery rate and 9-month+ waiting lists.

Self Referral

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Organisation support

An affordable way to boost staff wellbeing. You can support staff and avoid paying for long-term absence with this program.

What’s Included on the course…


Our program is intensive and requires commitment. You will be coming to the centre 3 days a week for the 4 weeks and could be with us for up to 3 hours each day.

Group Therapy

A 2-hour group therapy session each week between 4 or 6 participants.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy with our highly experienced and accredited therapists each week.

Holistic Treatment

A combined holistic healing session, which is tailored to the participants’ individual requirements. This could include Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Sound Healing, Acupuncture, Body Massage, etc.


Weekly workshops to invigorate and inspire from Paul Howarth. Exploring the Parent, Adult & Child model, Human Hungers, and more.

Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy sessions with Hornby & Birtwistle.

Yoga & Meditation

Suitable for beginners, Instructor Lily Myers hosts a weekly Yoga session around acceptance.


An exclusive workshop from Nutritionist Deborah Bulcock exploring the impact food and proteins have on our gut and how this in linked to depression.

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Testimonials from past participants

“The program is amazing and has really given me a clearer view on life and recovery. It has helped me to understand some of the science behind my emotions and the way I am. The group therapy helped me to realise that I am not the only one feeling this way and that I can speak about the way I am feeling without being judged or ignored.

- participant

“The last 4 weeks has been amazing for me and my wellbeing. I am so much happier as a person. I am coping so much better with life and have made healthier changes in my life. I am feeling more confident and at peace in my self. Thank you so much”

- participant

“Through their programme, I was able to understand that my grief was just as valid as anyone else’s and my mental health was just as important. The one to one counselling, group therapy, yoga, and reiki was just incredible. They gave me the skills and confidence to face and deal with my depression and I will forever be in their debt.” 

- participant

Read a more in-depth review of how Rebalance, Revive & Thrive helped an employee get back to work over on our blog (click here).

Missed Work Days Per Year


With 1 in 4 of us suffering at some point each year with our mental health, it’s no wonder so many working days are lost. The economic cost of this is staggering too; over £57 billion pounds per year and growing.

Our NHS faces many problems in trying to support this growing problem and with waiting lists of 9 months or more, the frequent prescriptions for anti-depressants are not only inadequate but clearly do not address every facet of the illness.

Rebalance, Revive & Thrive changes the lives of people suffering from mental health issues, stress, anxiety, domestic violence, childhood trauma, and loss & bereavement.

Our centre is unique in that we provide support by the way of counselling & psychotherapy, holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and nutrition – all under one roof. This has been specially integrated into our 4-week program where all forms of therapy come together to change lives and build communities.

By talking to our clients and gaining their trust and feedback we have been able to further help by enhancing and developing our programs to consider their different needs. We are all individual and so is our mental health.