PH7 Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy are rapidly being recognised as being an important factor in beating depression. The PH7 Wellbeing Centre offers a range of holistic therapies and treatments. In addition, we offer a space for people to connect with themselves and others. As a result, we help people to make personal changes in life and to create balance in their overall well being. We achieve this by providing a wide range of solutions including individual counselling and psychotherapy; holistic therapies; physiotherapy and nutritional expertise. Finally, we are also dedicated to providing professional training courses for those who wish to change direction or further their holistic knowledge.

The Wellbeing Team acknowledge the stresses of modern day life and the difficulties we all can face. With this in mind, we provide opportunities for people to understand their mind, body and soul. Our intention to then lift the level of general well being for personal changes that last.

Our Team

Sometimes life just feels too much and you may struggle with depression, anxiety or addiction. You may feel stuck at a point in life. Also, you may feel overwhelmed with work, stress or relationship issues. Alternatively, you may feel on top of your game and wish to keep your energy sustained.

The Wellbeing Centre’s aim is to enhance the level of care and support throughout Lancashire by helping people make a difference in their own lives and raise awareness for future generations.

Presently, we have 5 fully qualified and experienced therapists providing counselling & psychotherapy working at the centre, helping people suffering with:

• Anxiety
• Addiction
• Bereavement and Loss
• Trauma
• Couples Therapy

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