Christmas can be a wonderful time of year, but it can be very stressful too. There’s a lot of pressure to buy expensive gifts for loved ones and more temptation to overindulge in food and alcohol. So we’ve put together some tips for staying well and keeping your employees on track this Christmas!

Words by Zoe Ward



Drinking within the recommended limits at this year’s office party will mean you’re much less likely to end up with a hangover and make any impulsive decisions that you may regret the next day. Although alcohol can have a relaxing effect initially, if you overindulge, it can soon lead to irritable and aggressive behavior and may harm your mental wellbeing.


There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that not having enough sleep can affect mental health, so if possible, try and be kind to yourself and get some early nights in too. Alcohol can also harm your sleep by disrupting your normal sleep patterns.

If you’re burning the candle at both ends during ‘silly season’ you may start to feel lethargic and experience low moods.


There is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that food affects our mood and as the festive period is a time of overindulgence, trying to have some healthier days too will certainly help improve things It will also enable you to think more clearly and give you more energy at work.

The high intake of sugar, cakes, and sweets can have a negative impact on your mood too, so remember to reach for a festive tangerine, as well amongst all the mince pies. Keep staff hydrated at the water cooler with 6-8 glasses of water a day!


It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise during the winter months, but it really can make a difference in your mental wellbeing if you do. If you can’t face wrapping up for a brisk walk to work or hitting the gym on your way home then pop on some festive music and have a dance with your colleagues instead.


We know it’s a busy time of year and it seems like there is so much to get done, but relaxation doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. Just stepping away from your desk for a few minutes or taking sometime  out in nature can help your employees feel calmer.

Christmas is the perfect time to get creative and it can help induce relaxation, so get your team in a brainstorming session and keep spirits high!

Many factors can increase stress for people at Christmas, including finances, family issues, and poor health. When you take steps to care for your employees, they are healthier, happier and work harder!

With the PH7 EAP plan, your employees will have access to 24/7 mental health support line, face-to-face counseling sessions and full digital support with the online health e-hub app.

We can help you to boost your productivity levels and reduce mental health-related sickness in your workplace. Here’s to a full and happy team returning to work in 2020!!


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