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The PH7 Group, our counsellors and psychotherapists have been looking after the mental health of the general public and workforces for over 4 years. Through this time we have developed programs and projects that we feel make mental health better for everyone.

The NHS has long been over capacity for dealing with mental health care, which is why we believe it is time to take our own responsibility, remove people from the waiting lists and provide a quality service for all.

This is why we developed the ‘PH7 HEALTH CLUB‘. Allowing everyone access to private mental health care, quickly and affordably.

Our core values: 

* Affordable Private Mental Health Care

* Low Waiting Times (90% of People To Be Seen With 7 Days)

* Quality Counselling Services

* 24 Hour Support

Pay Annually

£36 recurring yearly payment via paypal.

Pay Monthly

£6 per month payment via paypal

What you get:

8 sessions of counselling per person, per problem, per year. Meaning, if you have a relationship break down, that is one bank of 8 sessions. If that knocks on to your working life, it would be another bank of 8 and if that affects your finances, it is another bank of 8. These counselling sessions include the option of telephone services, zoom / video counselling and CBT therapy,

24 hour emergency helpline, 7 days a week for: legal, financial and medical help

Family Advice Line. For topics of childcare and eldercare.

We’ll send you a pack in the post with all the details on your service and how to access everything.


I am signed up, how do I get face to face counselling?

There is one dedicated number, which you are sent in your pack in the post and via email. This number is used for all requests you need to make. The staff on the other end will triage your query and arrange the appropriate services for you.

Where is face to face counselling offered?

PH7 HEALTH has a network of over 1600 BACP counselors all over the country. Once you ring the number, they will assess your problems and place you with the appropriate counselor in the area you chose to be seen.

What are the different types of therapy available?

The main therapy on offer is face to face, person centered or CBT counseling. This can also be done via video call or over the telephone.

Can the legal helpline deal with my divorce case?

In short, no. The legal advice line is for immediate advice, which can advise on divorce issues but it is not a service that can be used for on going problems. If you have a query about a parking fine, property, motoring offences, probate, terminal illness, immigration or consumer issues – the helpline could be a great first port of call.

Are your counsellors qualified?

Absolutely. We only accept BACP accredited counsellors on the PH7 HEALTH program. They are the exact same counsellors you would see through NHS routes, and often have advanced qualifications too.

Where are calls answered?

We have one dedicated UK call center based in Manchester. It is staffed full of counselors, psychotherapists, legal and medical advisors.

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