Our life-changing 4-week intensive course could be the key to a happy workplace. Just 4 weeks off instead of months and months of absence. Need to be convinced? Just read the testimonial below to see how truly beneficial working with us can be.


A testimonial from a recent participant of the PH7 Rebalance, Revive & Thrive 4-week program:

My ‘journey’ began with the sudden death of my mum, a woman who I adored and worshipped, as did all our family and the masses of friends she had. This was in May 2017, although I should say I had previously suffered with anxiety following the births of both my girls.

But this was different. This was a deep, deep painful feeling, nothing I had ever experienced. At the time, I was working for a company that didn’t really have much sympathy to what I was going through and didn’t pay you if you were off work, and so I had to bury my feelings and carry on – I couldn’t afford to be off work. The lack of sympathy and support was overwhelming, and I became so incredibly resentful to the business owner. To this day, I can’t bear to think about her. Without a doubt, her lack of compassion and support added to an already crippling grief and made the whole situation a million times worse. I knew I had to get out of there and buried my feelings deep down and concentrated on finding a new job, totally ignoring or dealing with my grief and pain. On September 17 my prayers were answered (I think my mum had a hand in that!) and I secured a fantastic job with a brilliant company.

Sadly, because I was so damaged mentally and had not faced up to or grieved properly for my mum, I found I was basically incapable of doing a job that I was completely qualified for and more than capable of doing under normal circumstances. I began to sink and became overwhelmed by my own brain and the lack of competence was destroying my confidence,

It all came to a head in March 2018 when I had what I suppose was a breakdown. My company were brilliant!  They totally understood and were massively supportive to me. I’d only been with them for a few months, but I received full pay whilst I was off work, they provided a counselling service and paid for me to have CBT. The difference it makes when you are supported by your employer is indescribable. It’s like you’ve been permission to grieve and you’re not being judged, only supported.

During my time off, I was looking to find any other support to aid in my recovery and was so incredibly lucky to find PH7 Wellbeing. The programme they offer to people dealing with a vast array of mental issues is priceless. My story, compared to others, I felt, was tame. In fact, I did say I felt I shouldn’t be there, that the others in the room were ‘far worse off than me’. But I learned that that’s not true. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are relative, and what’s ‘really bad’ for one person, isn’t necessarily the case for another.

Through their programme, I was able to understand that my grief was just as valid as anyone else’s and my mental health was just as important. The one to one counselling, group therapy, yoga, and reiki was just incredible. They gave me the skills and confidence to face and deal with my depression and I will forever be in their debt. 

All through this time, my employer was nothing but supportive. However, I came to the decision that my mental health was so disturbed that I wouldn’t be able to return to that role, and we parted company on very amicable terms. The very fact I was able to make that decision is a testament to PH7 Wellbeing! I’m now working in a role that is in the same field, but much less ‘high profile’ and nowhere near as much pressure. Through the support I received from my employer and from PH7, I can now be clear on what I need from a job to ensure I have a good balance of mental health.

I should say that I work in Human Resources / Employment Law, and so I know a lot about the importance of employee wellbeing and the need for employers taking a positive view about supporting their staff when they need help. Being ‘mentally unwell’ still has a stigma attached to it and it leaves you feeling embarrassed and inadequate. A supportive employer can make all the difference. The contrast between the 2 employers I was with whilst going through the worst time of my life is night and day. The first one added to my depression and anxiety and caused me to have to focus on finding another job, when I should have been grieving my mum and spending time with my family. The second one not only didn’t judge, but they gave me a safe place to grieve and to face up to my new reality. I feel incredibly sad that I couldn’t ‘return the favour’ by being a brilliant employee, but sadly, not grieving properly at the beginning has meant I am now damaged a bit too much, and it will take me longer to get well again (but I will!)

Mental health is here, it’s a massive problem, and if employers don’t recognise that the mental wellbeing of their employees is just as (if not more so) important as the physical wellbeing, then I’m afraid those employers are going to find themselves with people who are incapable of being productive, and this WILL have an impact on service, and in turn, the good old ‘bottom line’.  


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