Joseph Ormond Pain Consultancy

Joseph Ormond

Joseph Ormond

Massage, Sports therapy, Chinese Medicine, Food Intolerance Testing


I have always wanted to help people, I have always felt the need to give back after been blessed with such a lucky life. I was adopted from El Salvador to Lytham St Annes when I was only 3 months old being brought up knowing how lucky I have been has been a big part of why I do what I do. 

 Through the means of holistic therapy, I am able to help people with pains, discomforts and illnesses or performance that they are suffering with. 

In 2009 I embarked on a sports therapy degree at Uclan University in Preston, after graduating but feeling like something was missing I began my journey studying and practising traditional Chinese medicine, myofascial release and soft tissue work, combining it with sports therapy I have seen some amazing recoveries from chronic conditions such as:- 

  • Migraines 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Back pain & Sciatica 
  • I.B.S & Crohns 

Alongside the general public, I have been heavily involved with professional athletes such as Isaac Lowe, Tyson Fury, Tomi Tatham, Scott Fitzgerald, Ben Davidson, Charlie Adam. to name a few. 


I am Qualified in 

  • Myofascial Release 
  • Sports Therapy 
  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture 
  • Cupping Therapy 
  • Amno Fu Stomach massage 
  • Tuina Chinese Massage 
  • Food Intolerance testing
  • Kore Therapy

 Registered with the FHT. With diplomas through KORE Therapy and the University of Central Lancashire.


First Appointment (90 minutes) is £70

Follow Up treatments (60 Minutes) – £45 

2 Hour Monthly M.O.T. £100 


Specialise in Migraines, Sports Performance, Back Pain, Food Intolerance Testing


Book an appointment with Joseph

To book an appointment with Joe please call our office - 01282 479 929, email or complete the form below.  Joe works at the centre on Thursdays.

Joseph uses a diagnostic system, which locates the root causes of conditions and injuries. This enables the therapist to focus the session on clearing or relieving the real problem. In some cases, the condition might quite severe and chronic, but by treating the root problem, we aim to ease symptoms so that pain is reduced, but will require future sessions.

Balancing muscular and skeletal systems makes the treatment ideal for both prevention and recovery from sports injuries, back pain and other ailments. Balancing organs, digestive system and energy systems can really help make a difference with low energy, chronic fatigue, weight problems, IBS, Crohn’s, depression and many more.

A more balanced body and mind mean that you should be able to deal with stressful situations and emotional issues such as work pressure or depression a lot easier. As well as increased energy levels, this combination of less stress and more balanced energy, should mean it is much easier to achieve and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.