Lily Howarth

Lily Howarth

Lily Howarth

Yoga instructor

People ask me what inspired me to become a Panacea practitioner. I just realised through my training that I really wanted to focus. I practised yoga daily, trained daily and spent time with people I trusted, respected and valued. Like with most self empowering therapies, my life started to fall in place.

Most of the people around me were trained in NLP and reiki so my next journey was to complete my training in both. That’s when I stumbled across the Panacea Project and I was hooked. It allowed me to use my skills to work with people and give them the tools they needed to help themselves.

I then went on to train in Ayurvedic yoga massage and pregnancy yoga.

My partner and I strongly believe that the holistic approach can change lives. Finding your inner you and balancing mind body and soul is the true way to live life to the full and banish negative energy once and for all. At our Wellbeing Centre in Burnley, we bring together Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP, Yoga, Mindfulness and Holistics to help you improve your mental, physical and spiritual self.

Why not let today be the first day of your self aware journey?

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