It was a couple of years ago that it finally dawned on me, I REALLY, REALLY HATE, change! With a passion. I do not know where I was, and I do not know exactly when it happened, but I addressed it and ever since then, my fear of change has got that little bit better. It is even the running joke with my peers, ‘Rebecca does NOT like change!!!’. Even that helps, because I know there are people out there who love and care for me, knowing that I am probably not ok with what is going on and I do not have to hide it!

Let me tell you, my fear of change has drastically affected my life over the years. As soon as anything happened and I did not know what the outcome would be, I panicked. My hands would sweat, fingers would shake, my heart would race and there would be a huge lump in my throat that would NOT go away! I stressed myself senseless, it was ruining my life.

A lot of people are asking me why they feel so anxious during this time we call the ‘COVID19’ lockdown. I know the answer, it is that fear of change again! So many people have it, but not enough people realise to address it.

We are human, we are built on structure and routine. A lot of the major situations happening in life today are out of our control, but let’s not start me off on my problem with ‘control’ too, we can save that for another day! When we are not in control, we know that change is imminent. And change can be a frightening thing!

So how did I get over my fear of change? I didn’t. Not completely. Recognition of our feelings and accepting that we may not be ok with something is one of the best tools for ‘living with a fear of change’.

Acceptance sounds so simple, but we often forget to do it. Give yourself a break. The first thing I do when the panic turns up, I remind myself. ‘This is something you do not like Rebecca, and that is ok. You will be ok, and you are going to find ways to deal with this’.

We are in control, recognise that! Accept the things you cannot change, and work with the things you can. For all the changes that have happened in my life, I am still here, and I am still pretty happy (most of the time).

Who would have thought two months ago that life would change so drastically? We can’t just walk into a supermarket, we can’t see people we love (not even our parents), all the shops (bar a few) would close and the majority of us would stop going to work. Absolute crazy times, and we panicked. We rushed out, bought all the toilet roll in sight and well, there was no flour and eggs for a 50-mile radius (if you were lucky). The panic was justified, because this was like no change we had ever seen before, and it was drastic.

Fast forward a few weeks, we’ve settled down. We’ve stopped shopping like world war three is upon us, we’re in the garden getting suntans, we’re embracing time with our children and we’re enjoying not participating in the rush of our normal lives. We can’t forget the people we have lost along the way, and by no means has this been an easy time for almost anyone, but there have been positives.

We have all settled into this new ‘COVID19’ life, we panicked when we went into it, and we will panic on our way out of it. It is ok to feel stressed and anxious for what is to come, more change is on the way, it is normal. Just remember, you are not on your own. Millions of other people will be worrying about what is to come. Be open, tell people how you are feeling. Find the positives, accept the way you feel and change the things within your control.

Embrace and accept.

– Rebecca Jane – PH7 Group Operations Director

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