It’s never too late to make a brand new start. Find the courage to begin your journey of self-discovery and you will never look back. 


A New Path…

This was the most inspiring trip of my life. It came 4 months after my time spent in Tony Adams clinic – Sporting Chance – where I was treated for depression and addiction. To put it clearly, after years of a misunderstanding of my emotions and an inability to express my vulnerability I found myself in a place where I thought the world would better without me in it.

This three week trip to Ngong in Kenya, where I lived with a family and worked in an orphanage, was part of a new journey – a new path of self-discovery and passion. Now, over two years have passed and well into my third year of this journey I couldn’t put into words how different my life is.

We all face different struggles and challenges in life. I have learned that when you’re honest with yourself and are willing enough to try, then at whatever point in life you find yourself at it’s never too late to change it.

Our daily lives are in the balance, we were all born with passion and hunger and the greatest journey for us all is to find this within.


PH7 Wealth Management has developed unshakable foundations of integrity, compassion and empathy that has seen me develop my past 12 years as an adviser with my new work as a Psychotherapist to make me a better Adviser and on a personal level a better Dad, Son and Partner.

Seeing the PH7 Wellbeing Centre grow from my past lessons, new passions, the great work of our therapists & volunteers and the bravery, courage and commitment of our clients has been a gift to me – all given from an initial decision to change.

Second by second our worlds are changing – our bodies, our cells and our psychological states. We were all born to change, it’s what we do.


Paul Howarth.