The Massive MENtal Health Walk

Are you one of our 84?
84 Men, aiming to save 84 lives.

84 Towns, Villages & City’s of The North West

One Massive MENtal Health Walk…



The Massive MENtal Health Walk

84 men take their lives every week due to mental health problems. 

PH7 LIFE are committed to ending stigma around mental health and helping to save as many lives as possible.

Our anxiety and depression courses have exceptional results. 88% of our clients are recovered from depression, and 100% of clients are recovered from anxiety after attending our course.

Each course is provided for free, but it costs PH7 £1000 to provide the course per person.

Our ‘Massive MENtal Health Walk’ aims to raise awareness and funds.

If we raise £84,000 we can help save 84 lives.



Men Walk 84 North West

Towns, Villages and City’s.


Can join the walk

Because everyone with a mental illness needs support from their friends, family and the public.


Will help us save the lives of 84 people

About Us

About The Walk!

The walk takes place over 4 weekends in August.

No one has to miss any time from work.

DAY 1: Burnley to Clitheroe

DAY 2: Clitheroe to Preston

DAY 3: Preston to Blackpool

DAY 4: Liverpool to Southport

DAY 5: Southport to Wigan

DAY 6: Wigan to Blackburn

DAY 7: Blackburn to Burnley

Full details of the towns visited along the route will be available in due course. 

Anyone can join the walk at any point, and end it whenever they feel.

However, we are looking for 84 men who will have fully funded places on the walk to take on the challenge. They each represent one of the 84 men who take their lives every week and will be our PH7 LIFE Men!

If you want to be one of our 84, hit the ‘register’ button now.

What Do Our 84 Men Get?

Fully Funded Places on the Massive MENtal Health Walk

Training Sessions and Advice

Quarterly Gatherings of the 84 for Support & Advice

Online Support Forums from training experts and PH7 staff

Discounts on PH7 Courses and Therapy

Dedicated space on the walk website  


Inclusion in all PR & Marketing promotions 

84 New Friends and ‘Family’

Ready to be one of the 84?

8 + 1 =

Sponsor A Walker!

You can donate any amount by clicking the paypal link below.

It’s fast, secure and will help save a life.

The Massive MENtal Health Walk









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Register to Walk!

If you want to walk and support PH7 LIFE, but you don’t want to commit to the full 84 towns, villages and city’s. Click here to register and find out more information when it becomes available.