Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore

Matthew Moore



Matthew has been counselling for 15 years both here and in the USA. As well as training mentors/counsellors with a high degree of success. Matthew’s Passion for this comes out of a deep desire to help people see there is hope, life and a future beyond life’s challenges. This belief comes out of his own challenges he has faced and how working through his past of every abuse and alcoholism gave me a brighter future and  as such able to support others to true freedom.. He believes that freedom is possible for all who reach out, and has a great sense of a person’s struggles by how they communicate whether it’s verbal or none verbal.

Matthew offers a wide variety of counselling that adopts a kind, none judgemental, individualised approach for, everyone.

His service not only covers counselling in a wide variety of areas (see list below), he also can offer a range of approaches such as Person centred, Solution focused, and Christian Counselling.

Matthew’s counselling also incorporates elements of CBT as is appropriate.

  • Mental health (various) and Anxiety and depression counselling for adults, young people, couples, university and college students.
  • Family counselling and parent/child interventions
  • Marriage counselling, including pre-marital
  • Overcoming abuse therapy for teens and upwards
  • Grief counselling teens, students, adults
  • Adult/child support groups
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)



Consultation of 30 minutes at a cost of £20 for adults and £10 for young people.



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