Mercury in retrograde is it Mayhem or Myth?

Mercury in retrograde – hold onto your hats, we are bang in the middle of it.

Supposedly, a time to avoid big decisions, commitments, travel plans or speaking without thinking.

Thanks to the internet, knowledge of this planetary optical illusion is widely known. Apparently, blamed for everything from late trains to cancelled weddings. As March gives way to April, we will be blessed with a second full moon within a month (a blue moon). Allegedly, this will, according to astrologers, make us feel self-conscious, self-critical, anxious and out of sorts.

Added to this, Venus will transition into Taurus and this will apparently cause you to re-evaluate relationships. However, this is not the time to enter deep discussions with partners. The retrograde is going to make communication awkward and difficult.

Complications all courtesy of a planet which at certain times appears to travel backwards when viewed from earth.

Is it a myth, or is there truth in the phenomenon which has horoscope readers quaking in their boots?

Mercury in Retrograde Meaning

Mercury never actually travels backwards.

The planet enters a place where an optical illusion occurs and it will retrograde (appear to go backwards). There is a moment in time, from our viewpoint, the orbit slows to a standstill. This is referred to as the preshadow which transitions into retrograde. What follows is approximately 1 month of Mercury appearing to travel backwards. Eventually, the orbit matches the earth orbit around the sun and the planet appears to travel forward again.

Astrologers believe that during the retrograde problems can arrive and when the retrograde is over the consequences of the time-span will be revealed.

The retrograde of Mercury has always fascinated those that study the heavens. Astrology became popular around 1930 and some consider it, incorrectly, as a science. Sun sign astrology, which we in the west are familiar with, offers insights to people using birth dates linked to zodiac signs.

So, can a planet so far away really affect us?

In a gravitational way, no, the distance between us is simply too vast but is there some deeper level that for now, we are unaware of?

Belief systems

Although there is no scientific proof that the phenomenon has any effect on human decisions and emotions, this does come down to personal belief.

People avoid walking under ladders, notice events seem to happen in groups of 3, pay for professional tarot card readings for guidance and read horoscopes to help see them through the day.

Each holy day, people go to their place of worship and give thanks.

Is there any scientific proof that any of this is not real or indeed, if it is real?

For this reason, before you make up your mind, please watch this video. The work of Gregg Braden changed my life and I have never looked back. In short, this could change your entire outlook on alternative beliefs, health and ways of living.



Thankfully, there is a whole world out there of positive energy. Moreover, a world you may never have considered or mocked like the herd.

Ultimately, we are energy. Energy cannot be destroyed – scientific fact.

To sum up, it’s time to explore a more natural, mind body and soul approach. Above all, life is a journey filled with opportunity and hope.