The PH7 Wellbeing Centre has launched an initiative called PH7 LIFE, to change the lives of people suffering from mental health issues, domestic violence, childhood trauma, and loss & bereavement, with the intention of changing lives and making the community stronger in Burnley, Lancashire and the surrounding areas.


PH7 Rebalance, Revive & Thrive – Working Through Depression.

Our first 4-week programme, ‘PH7 Rebalance, Revive & Thrive’ hosted at the centre and funded by PH7 LIFE, has just come to an end. The results have been incredible. All 5 participants were suffering from depression and anxiety and are now in recovery. The participants of the course have made great personal developments are rebuilding their relationships, getting back to work and even volunteering their time to raise funds for PH7 LIFE. They have become a lighthouse for others suffering in the community.


Run Exclusively at the PH7 Wellbeing Centre.

Our Burnley centre is unique in that we provide support by the way of counselling & psychotherapy, holistic therapy, meditation, yoga and nutrition – all under one roof. This has been specially integrated into our 4-week program where all forms of therapy come together to change lives and build communities.


The Before & After Results.

Participants were invited in for a 45-minute consultation with John Dawson (BACP) whereby the course was outlined and problems were raised that were occurring in their lives. We used the NHS’s PHQ  9 – Depression and GAD 7 – Anxiety rating scale to score people as one of the ways (along with their feedback) to gauge the success of the course and the impact that it had.

The government guidelines state that for Depression, out of a maximum score of 27, a score of 21 and over would be classed as severe depression and a score of 9 and under would be classed as ‘recovery’

For anxiety, the maximum would be 21 with 16 and over being classed as severe, with a score of 9 and under as a recovery score.

Depression –PHQ 9 Before – MAX 27 Classed As Completion Classed As
Client 1 22 Severe 5 Recovery
Client 2 15 Moderate Severe 6 Recovery
Client 3 11 Moderate 4 Recovery
Client 4 27 Severe 7 Recovery
Client 5 23 Severe 7 Recovery


Anxiety –GAD 7 1st (2 weeks before) MAX 21 Classed As Completion Classed As
Client 1 18 Severe 6 Recovery
Client 2 11 Moderate 4 Recovery
Client 3 10 Moderate 1 Recovery
Client 4 21 Severe 7 Recovery
Client 5 17 Severe 9 Mild

PH7 Rebalance, Revive & Thrive Program Layout.

On Tuesday we held group therapy with John Dawson (BACP) and Paul Howarth (Adv Training UKCP) the group was for 2 hours. On Thursday morning clients came in and over 2.5 hours had 1. Individual Psychotherapy Session and after a short break 2. A Holistic Therapy Session which was a mixture of Reiki, Massage and Sound Healing

On Friday morning there was a Yoga class – The Panacea Project – a 4-week intention of ‘letting go’ This was followed by a workshop for 2 hours that started with educating the members on their belief systems and finishing with pro-active mission statements, nutritional talks and a self-reflection readout session at the end.

The feedback on the course was that of 1 being poor and 5 being excellent. ALL 5 members believe that the centre was a safe and non-judgmental environment and scored a maximum of 5 each. ALL five members rated the material as a 5 and all 5 members rated the integrated approach as 5. The feedback from two of the members was that they wanted ongoing support from group work (to which we have in place) and 4 members wanted to be actively involved with our ongoing charity and fundraising work.

Since the course finished we have received 4 enquiries per day to come on the course and we have initiatives set up for group work and a ‘talk and walk’ which will see assisted volunteers walking with groups of people affected by mental health meeting at the centre and walking around local parks.


Participant Feedback after Completing the Course.

“The program is amazing and has really given me a clearer view on life and recovery. It has helped me to understand some of the science behind my emotions and the way I am, which is great because I always want to understand why! The group therapy helped me to realise that I am not the only one feeling this way and that I can speak about the way I am feeling without being judged or ignored. Everyone at the centre is amazing and have helped me to change my life. I can’t thank you enough”

“The last 4 weeks has been amazing for me and my wellbeing. I am so much happier as a person. I am coping so much better with life and have made healthier changes in my life. I am feeling more confident and at peace in my self. Thank you so much”

This is a testimonial from Doctor Ashworth at Nelson and Barrowford Surgery also:

I was put in touch with Paul at PH7 by a mutual friend and colleague in mental health after expressing an interest in suggesting what I felt was needed in local NHS services in this area to fill the needs of local patients. Often a multifaceted intervention is required to tackle problems which if left without treatment can become chronic, life threatening and distressing problems which exert a cost in the local health economy but more importantly in people’s lives. 

Paul is an inspirational leader who, by finding a way through his own challenges, has developed an intervention that involves both the conventional and the complimentary therapies in a focussed and intensive intervention which can be delivered in a more timely manner than current services locally. His initial results are nothing short of impressive and I hope that a way can be found to finance the scaling up of his intervention to be able to offer it across East Lancashire. This will surely improve on what is currently available and hopefully be able to reduce the cost both to the NHS and to people’s lives that mental health problems can demand. 

–  Doctor F Ashworth

The next course starts on 24th July – it is once again fully funded by our charity and we hope it will be just as successful and beneficial for the participants!

Thank you,,

PH7 Wellbeing Centre.