There are many things that the power of ‘3’ relates to it seems. From the fact we are made from mind, body and spirit to the fact that a chair or camera can stand on its own with three legs as its support. The three musketeers, the three little pigs, the three stooges the list goes on and on. They create a dynamic force, a higher power, a greater than one.
From the day we are born we have an inbuilt programme to connect. Without connection we would not feed, we would not stay warm, we would not receive the emotional strokes necessary for personal growth and development.

It seems however that the western world has built a society of judgement and self-shame. We may be physically and mentally beaten into thinking we aren’t enough. We aren’t good enough, we aren’t strong enough, we aren’t achieving as much as the next person, we aren’t as rich, we are too rich, I’m too ugly, I’m too short, I’m too tall – they seem to have a better life than me. So what do we do with this feeling of ‘not enough’? well, one way of dealing with it is to build up walls of judgement to protect ourselves from the preserved pain of ‘not enough’. Judging others deflects from our internal conflict. Our minds perceive this as a weakness, so we bury it and suppress it, in the hope it will go away.

As the walls go up, the light gets less. This is the light to grow, to inspire and to fulfill a meaningful life. The majority of the western world arrive at adulthood subconsciously aware of the fact that we are addicted to the views of other people and that our self-worth and value is based on what we think others see in us. Our building walls of judgment produce internal shame which causes more pain and more suffering.
We lose connection with ourselves and through that loss of connection lose touch with our fellows and the environment we occupy – the universe. We need to find a route back to connection. We need to pull down the walls of judgement and we need to be free from the pain.

The clouds in the sky are born from the sky and they go back into the sky when they disappear. This is the same as the walls of judgement in our minds. We built them, and we can take them down. Removing even one small brick in a wall of 1,000 can shed a small ray of light and that small ray of light can lighten the darkest room. All you need is honesty, an open mind and a willingness to believe that you are enough, and you have all the answers inside of you.
When the walls come down the light comes in. If the walls of judgement produce shame, then the antidote is vulnerability and compassion. With these anything is possible. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we gain intimacy and this intimacy takes us back to our original source of connection. With intimacy we heal, we grow and we can build a new foundation. A new foundation built on integrity and respect and trust and kindness. We can have a clear intent to build a meaningful life of growth with ourselves and others.

Once we connect inside we then connect healthily with others. Through this connection we change lives, we become a power greater than ourselves and we make progress. Real human progress, the progress we were born to make before the society we grew up in of judgement and shame tarnished us.
When we connect with ourselves and others we connect with our environment, our source – the universe. The place where we are born from and we return to. We ignite the spirit within and we build a new foundation built not on judgement but on spirituality. This foundation is unshakable.

The only journey to take in life is to constantly develop the 3 connections we have available to us – Self, Others and the Universe and achievement are there for all.