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The Wellbeing Centre

The PH7 Wellbeing Centre Burnley offers different forms of therapy. Offering a space for people to connect with themselves and others, to make personal changes in life and to create balance in their overall wellbeing. We achieve this by providing a wide range of therapies including individual counselling and psychotherapy; holistic therapies; and nutritional expertise. We are also dedicated to providing counselling training courses and Mental Health First Aid training for employers across Lancashire.

Here at the centre, we acknowledge the stresses of modern day life and the difficulties we all can face. We provide opportunities for people to understand their mind, body and soul, with the intention of lifting the level of their general wellbeing and make personal changes that last.


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Private Counselling & Psychotherapy

Therapy helps you uncover strengths and learn new skills that will allow you to deal with the challenges that arise in life. Therapy is not just “talking about your problems”; it is also working toward solutions.


Massage & Facial Treatments

Treat the mind, body and spirit at PH7. Whether that’s with a relaxing massage or calming facial. We also offer 1-1 yoga and reiki. 
We will work to restore the body’s natural balance.


Low-Cost Counselling

£15 per session.

Our low-cost counselling service is available to all members of the community who are on a low income or in difficult financial circumstances. 


More from PH7…

There’s so much more the PH7 than you may know! More than we can even fit on one web page, so make sure you click around and explore.


We host 1-1 classes and group sessions here at the centre and within the community. Want to know more? Send us email!


Through our charity we provide free mental health support within the local community. From free groups to our intensive 4-week course. We can’t do any of this without your generous support, please check out to learn more.


So much more than an EAP. PH7 Health is a full-service wellbeing support system for your business. Telephone and face to face counselling, financial, legal and medical advice, workshops and MORE.

Rebalance, Revive & Thrive

Our exclusive 4-week program

"The program is amazing and has really given me a clearer view on life and recovery."

– Participant

"The one to one counselling, group therapy, yoga, and reiki was just incredible. They gave me the skills and confidence to face and deal with my depression and I will forever be in their debt."

"I am coping so much better with life and have made healthier changes in my life. I am feeling more confident and at peace in my self. Thank you so much"

– Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Not answered your Q? Send us an email!

Do you offer Mental Health First Aid training for staff?


We offer training to all businesses, big or small, and can tailor the training to the individual needs of your staff.

Call us or email to discuss with us further.

What is Holistic Therapy?

Our practitioners offer a wide range of treatments such as Indian Head Massages, Reiki, Cupping, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Angel Card Reading, Deep Tissue Massage, OldPain2Go and more.

Rather than just addressing an immediate symptom, our holistic therapist’s will look for the underlying cause. Considering current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health and wellbeing. We will then work to restore the body’s natural balance. Therefore, leading to a more sustained and rewarding quality of life.

How can I get involved with your charity PH7 LIFE?

Great question!

PH7 LIFE is our charity organisation that raises funds to provide paid for spaces on our life-changing course ‘Rebalance, Revive and Thrive’ to those who need it.

If you would like to donate you can do so here.

If you would like to get involved with one of our many events, check out the PH7 LIFE Facebook page. 

Do you offer free counselling?

PH7 is a private clinic and as such we are not able to offer free counselling sessions at the moment.

We do however offer a low-cost clinic with heavily reduced in price counselling sessions with a trainee counsellor. If you would like to know more about this please get in touch. We have very limited spaces and often a waitlist for this service. 

What treatments are available?

For Holistic Therapy we have many treatments available: Reiki, Cupping, Massage, Sound Healing, Acupuncture and many more. See more here.

When is your next training course?

To register your interest and be made aware of our next intake, please visit this page and fill out the form.

Our Philosophy

Sometimes life just feels too much and you may struggle with depression, anxiety or addiction. You may feel stuck at a point in life with work, stress or relationship issues. Alternatively, you may feel on top of your game and wish to keep your energy sustained.

With fully qualified and experienced practitioners, the centre’s aim is to lift the level of care and support throughout Lancashire by helping people make a difference in their lives and raise mental health awareness for future generations.


3rd floor, Churchill house
60 Bank Parade
Burnley, BB11 1TS
(no on-site parking available)

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